The Hive荔枝角蜂巢提供您開放且有設計感的工作場所,包含流動辦公桌、專屬辦公桌、還有時尚的私人辦公室。向您的客戶介紹我們並且賺得轉介紹的佣金!

Why partner with us?

Compensation Structure:

New Agreement: 10% on each month paid, capped at 12 months

Expansion: 10% of your client’s net membership fees for new desks for months 1-12

Our Workplace Offerings

Shared workplaces

Choose a flexible hot desk in a beautifully designed open plan workspace or a permanent dedicated desk. Complemented with premium amenities and excellent hospitality

Private Office

Enclosed and amenitized offices can accommodate teams of different sizes. Move-in ready with chairs, desks, and cabinets; as well as the flexibility to customise the workspace with company’s own identity. Ideal solution for a growing enterprise team.

Asia Pacific Network

The Hive is one of the largest flexible workspace operators in Asia (ex-China). We currently have 20+ locations in more than 7 cities, and a rapid pipeline for further expansion.

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